Informal Education and Public Outreach Programs

The NC Space Grant Informal Education and Public Outreach Programs are designed to facilitate the appreciation and knowledge of aerospace-related issues of the general population of North Carolina.

Photo of Dr. Harden NC3PO: North Carolina's Planets Promotes Proficiency and Opportunity

PI: Dr. Crystal Harden, UNC - Chapel Hill


Photo of Dr. Kitchens Appalachian State University Math Camp at Discovery Place

PI: Dr. Anita Navarte Kitchens, Appalachian State University


Photo of Dr. Narayan Science Saturday Program on Space Biology, Materials, and Medicine

PI: Dr. Roger Narayan, NC State University


Photo of Dr. Ritter   Using NASA’s “Weightless Wonder” to Inspire North Carolina’s American Indian Youth

PI: Dr. Tim Ritter, UNC - Pembroke

Over the past several years several student teams from UNC Pembroke have been successful in gaining acceptance to participate in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. In order to share their excitement about doing research and working with NASA, the team conducts a vigorous outreach program across the state of North Carolina. Since the teams have consisted mostly of American Indian undergraduate students we try to reach out to the other Indian communities in the state. The team reaches out to the public through presentations at schools, YMCAs, after school programs, science museums, etc. in order to inspire the next generation of space scientists and engineers. The presentations provide some of the basic principles of gravity, space flight, fluids, and density. To accomplish this goal we use hands-on applications and a formal presentation showing the team doing research, operating the outreach experiments and having fun in 0-g.